Our Travel Blogs

When we travel, we like to keep a travel diary and jog down some of the memorable moments. We also keep track of the special places we visited, and the local culture and cuisine we experienced.

Pacific Northwest, 2008 & 2009../Pacific_Northwest_Trip_2008/Pacific_Northwest_2008,_2009/Pacific_Northwest_2008,_2009.html

Our first couple of times to visit the US Pacific northwest, exploring the parks of Portland, mountain lakes of Bend, and of course, the city scape of Seattle Washington. Love those berries and salmon.

Maui, Hawaii, December 2008../Maui_2008/Hawaii_2008/Hawaii_2008.html

Our two week long extended stay at Maui, enjoying lots of fine sand beaches, magnificent sunsets, majestic sea shores, magical waterfalls, and hiking through unbelievable dreamscapes.

Hiking the Alps, Summer 2007../Great_Alpine_Traverse_2007/Hiking_The_Alps_2007/Hiking_The_Alps_2007.html

Our first time to hike the European Alps, an adventure of 19 days crisscrossing France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and  Germany. Lots of great alpine vista and historic towns and villages.

Canadian Rockies 2009../Canadian_Rockies_2009/Canadian_Rockies_-_Banff_and_Yoho_National_Park/Canadian_Rockies_-_Banff_and_Yoho_National_Park.html

Our 12 day long adventure in Banff and Yoho National Park, exploring alpine lakes and glacier peaks. They have truly some of the best hiking  trails we have experienced, a couple of them easily making our all time top 5 positions.

Glacier National Park, Summer 2003../Glacier_National_Park_2003/Glacier_National_Park/Glacier_National_Park.html

Never have we seen so many glaciated geological features packed in one park. Alpine lakes, pyramid shaped peaks, hanging valley, summer meadows abound. Truly a mecca for alpine hiking.

Washington DC../Washington_DC_Capital_Insight/Washington_DC/Washington_DC.html

This is an on going project to capture images of the city’s architectural subjects and near by landscapes,  and hopefully present them in a fresh view point.

Chamonix, 2010../Chamonix_France_2010/Chamonix,_France_2010/Chamonix,_France_2010.html

Our 10 day adventure at Chamonix, France. Lots of high country exploration, although their gondola system makes it really easy. The French Savoie culture and cuisine makes the trip even more interesting.

California, 2010../California_2010/California_2010/California_2010.html

We have not visited California for a long long time. So this year, we decide to visit the region for 10 days just to see how much things have changed.

O’ahu to Kauai, 2011../Oahu_to_Kauai_2011/Oahu_to_Kauai_2011/Oahu_to_Kauai_2011.html

This is an unsettling time. The economy is still recovering slowly while the unemployment rate remains about 9.8%. Our 10 day escape to the tropical paradise gives a short reprieve from the doom and gloom.

Miami, 2011../Miami_2011/Miami/Miami.html

The long winter and this cool damp spring finally drive us to go south. We’re spending a week in sunny warm Miami. On the way to the airport, the outside is still quite damp from the chilly overnight rain, can’t get there soon enough.

Vancouver & Whistler, 2011, 2017../Vancouver_%26_Whistler_2011,_2017/Vancouver_%26_Whistler/Vancouver_%26_Whistler.html

Vancouver, we have long talked about visiting this area, especially when the influx of Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong has turned the city into a major center of Chinese cuisine in north America.

Toronto & Rochester, 2012../Rochester_%26_Toronto_2012/Tale_of_Two_Cities/Tale_of_Two_Cities.html

Summer is in full swing, it’s time to travel up north to get some chill. It has been almost 30 years since we left Rochester, NY, we want to give it one last visit and take the opportunity to visit Toronto to watch some world class tennis.

California, 2012../California_2012/California/California.html

The winter has been on the warm side along the mid Atlantic coast this year. Nevertheless, it is always better to go somewhere warmer. We have not gone back to California since 2010 and the airfare is reasonable, so why not. This time, we’re visiting LA and San Diego.

New England Fall, 2012../New_England_2012/Fall_in_New_England/Fall_in_New_England.html

It’s October, the presidential campaign is in full swing. Since we are in a major battleground state, the air wave is bombarded with lots of campaign ads. The fall weather gives us a good excuse to do some traveling.

Washington D.C. Good Eats 2013../Washington_DC_Good_Eats/Good_Eats/Good_Eats.html

After living in Washington D.C. for almost 26 years, we’ll be heading out west for a change of scenery. Before we leave, we want to document some of our restaurant experience in the metro area.

Yellowstone National Park, 1994../Yellowstone_%26_Grand_Teton_1994/Yellowstone_%26_Grand_Teton/Entries/1994/8/6_arriving_west_yellowstone.html

This is the first time the Wang family is having a big reunion at Yellowstone. Everyone will be there, totaling 16 of us. We’re renting out a large cabin with a full kitchen in West Yellowstone. After the gathering, we’ll head south to the Grand Teton for some more solitude hiking.

New Mexico 2014../New_Mexico/Big_Sky_Country/Big_Sky_Country.html

We love New Mexico. The high desert climate here brings sunny sky, moderate dry summers and cool winters. Both the landscapes and architecture are very colorful with an intense saturated tone.

Colorado 2015../Colorado/Colorado/Colorado.html

We’ve been coming to Colorado since the 1990s. It was skiing that brought us here first. The recent visits are more about the warm weather kind, mainly doing hiking and city tours.